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Why Choose Straits Partners as Your Website Developer?

It seems like anyone can develop a website these days. Here’s where we stand different:

Cut out the Noise

As your ZOHO Authorized Partner, we are here to help you make more money by optimizing your business. However, We’ll explain and tell you our recommendations for the highest ROI website improvements.

Global Branding for SMEs, MSMEs & Large Enterprises

A brand today is all about adding an asset to your balance sheet than how your customers feel. Therefore, it’s not just a logo, visual identity, or digital product design, but rather a cohesive system that spans across all mediums and touch points.

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Zoho and WordPress, hand in hand

Our developers are experienced at integrating Zoho Forms, Desk, Flow, SalesIQ, and countless other apps with WordPress to automate your business.

A Decade of Design Experience

Our Designs team consists of designers, front-end developers, ZOHO Deluge developers and SEO experts with a strong portfolio of successful website design with hosting. Also digital marketing comes handy to support you too.


Discover The Future of Customer Engagement

Zoho SalesIQ offers your marketing, sales, and support teams the digital customer engagement tools to communicate with every site visitor at every stage of the customer lifecycle. This all-in-one live chat and analytics platform promotes proactive customer engagement, allowing you to initiate the right kind of conversation at exactly the right time.

So, Your Business can talk for itself because SalesIQ brings you to automate personalized Chatbot & Lead tracking systems directly from the website to consolidated reports for your overall business & client relation.

ZOHO Friendly Platforms

Integrate & automate your business process with leading platforms like:

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