ZOHO For Every Business Verticals

Let's Make ZOHO Work for You!

In this World of Automation, businesses thrive to bring new capabilities but somewhere seems to hit a brick wall.

At STRAITS PARTNERS, we specialize in ZOHO customization & a leading ZOHO Authorized Partner
We understand how to build systems using ZOHO & make it work for your business that you don’t hit the wall again.

What We Do?

As a ZOHO Authorized Partner, we are specialized in customizing, implementing robust systems and on-going support for MSMEs of any business verticals who want high operational efficiency, no surprises & high-quality customer service at reasonable cost.

Zoho Consulting & Implementation

We simplify your business process & build systems that fit YOUR business, using low code or no code ZOHO applications.

ZOHO Support

We have a team of certified Zoho administrators and developers to support your Zoho implementation. Our team of ZOHO expertise & consultants are just a call away!

CRM Wellness Check-ups

Monthly check-ups to keep optimized your organization’s CRM run smoothly. It includes Security Review & CRM Back

ZOHO & Website Integration

Our developers are experienced at integrating ZOHO apps along with WordPress, html, css to automate your business online seamlessly

Non-Profit / Charitable Organizations Trust

Charitable Organizations

We’re small and growing, albeit, not stopping us from giving back to society. If you are an organization not for profit, please reach out to us for very nominal or free solutions to enhance your operations using ZOHO products.

Some Business that uses ZOHO

What Our "Zohotic" Clients Say?


It’s an honest “BYE” to the times of getting bulk & complex database apps for business operations. Now, it’s the time ZOHO helps you have your own “OPERATING SYSTEM FOR BUSINESS” with your more reliable local ZOHO Partner